Student Transfer Forms

To transfer within the district to a different Hillsboro School District (HSD) school you must complete and submit one of the Hillsboro School District's IN-DISTRICT TRANSFER REQUEST form.   Please select the appropriate button below to access the on-line form.

Use the NEW IN-DISTRICT TRANSFER REQUEST form for the following

  • Request a transfer to a different school in the Hillsboro school district.
  • Student with a currently active transfer is requesting a transfer to a different school than current school they are attending.


  • Student is requesting a continuation of a current transfer to the same school they are currently attending.

    Except for students currently attending the Hillsboro Online Academy, students entering grade 7 or 9 must submit a NEW IN DISTRICT TRANSFER REQUEST as student will be transitioning between school levels and not continuing in the same school.

Once you have submitted a transfer request you may return to this site to check on the status of your request.  It is recommended that you allow at least ten school days before checking the status of your request to allow the appropriate school district staff to review your request.

The regular transfer window for the next school year will open on April 1.  Next school year requests submitted before April 1 will be reviewed after that date, current school year requests will be reviewed within one week of submission.  You will be notified of a decision by mail, or you can check back here for your request status.  Please be advised, kindergarten requests may not be decided until mid-August for next school year requests.